About us

If you're into cookie-cutter perfection, sorry, wrong place! But, if you crave unique, handmade treasures, pull up a seat and join the quirky side of adornment.

Our gemstones embrace imperfections because, let's be real, perfection is overrated. Each piece of Luster Jewellery dances to its own beat, just like you.


Our Luster Journey 

Hey! I'm Chloe, the creator of Luster Jewellery. Meet my trusty sidekick, Guss, the four-legged supervisor of all things sparkly. He's got a knack for photo shoots and a PhD in desk napping – lucky for him, cute privileges.

Owner with her dog
My journey began with a Pinterest obsession (who can resist?). I stumbled upon gorgeous gemstone earrings, but alas, they were a wallet's worst nightmare. Solution? DIY! Fast forward, and here we are, with Luster Jewellery, celebrating the beauty of the imperfect and the charm of the handmade.

Why Luster? Quality That Speaks Louder Than Looks: Sensitive skin solidarity! We prioritise quality, using only sterling silver and gold-filled metals (except for geodes). Rough gemstones take center stage, celebrating raw, natural beauty – because flaws are fabulous.

Every piece is a solo act, just like you. Embrace your uniqueness, celebrate your individuality, and shine on, you radiant soul! 🖤

Quality Matters, Kiwi Crafted: We're not just about looks; we're about feels too. Hand-assembled by yours truly in North Canterbury, our pieces boast 14k gold-filled and 925 sterling silver, embracing the brilliance of natural gemstones. Because when it comes to quality, we don't play games.

Ready to sparkle? Explore our full Luster Jewellery range – where ordinary meets extraordinary.

Shine on ✨


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Jewellery Care

  • We recommend storing jewellery safely when not wearing.
  • Be gentle with your jewellery as the wire can be bent out of shape if too much force is used. 
  • We recommend taking off to shower or swim (water with no salt or chlorine is fine).
  • It’s best to put your jewellery on after you have applied perfume, hairspray and skincare.
  • If you have geodes or solar quartz, we recommend storing these out of direct sunlight and avoid getting them wet to prolong their colours as these are usually dyed to create or enhance the beautiful vibrant colours.
  • Regularly clean your jewellery to keep in good condition. 


Your sterling silver jewellery guide 

Your gold filled jewellery guide