Your Guide to Gold Filled Jewellery

Your Guide to Gold Filled Jewellery

What actually is gold filled?

Gold filled is a great choice if you:
  • Love the colour gold
  • Want to invest in jewellery that will last without the price tag of solid gold
  • Are looking for affordable quality
  • Have sensitive skin

Gold filled is a great option for jewellery, it's also sometimes called rolled gold. It's made up of two layers. 

Layer one: Brass or copper core
Layer two: 5% solid gold outer layer


What is gold filled 

As you can see, solid gold is the best option available but it's quite expensive.

Gold filled is much more affordable while still being quality and is suitable for most gold lovers with sensitive skin.

Close behind is gold vermeil.

The key difference between the two are.

  1. Gold filled is pressure and heat bonded to the base metal while gold vermeil is electroplated to the base metal. The heat bonded layer of gold filled is a more durable and long-lasting than electroplated.
  2. Gold vermeil has a sterling silver core so it could be a better option if you are allergic to copper or brass.

In third place is gold plated. Its the cheapest and lowest quality.

Keep in mind that not all plated jewellery is equal though. Some can have a nice thick 2 micron layer while others might have just a 0.2 micron thin layer.

The base metals used also vary in quality from nickel to sterling silver which impacts if the gold plated jewellery will be suitable for sensitive skin or not.


Gold filled pros and cons

Gold filled pros:

  • Hypoallergenic (nickel, lead and cadmium free).
  • Affordable and quality.
  • Tarnish resistant.
  • Can last for 10 years or more when looked after.
  • Okay to leave on when showering and swimming.

Gold filled cons:

  • Can react to chlorinated or salt water (salt is corrosive and chlorine is a harsh chemical).
  • Can dull over time. 
  • Not as strong as gold or platinum metals.
  • While it is is generally considered hypoallergenic and suitable for most people with sensitive skin or allergies, it's possible to cause reactions on people with allergies to copper or brass.


Gold filled dos and don'ts

Gold filled do’s

  • Polish regularly using a jewellery, microfiber or polishing cloth. Use up and down motions (this helps to avoid scratches)
  • Store in a jewellery bag separately when travelling to avoid rubbing against other jewellery and scratching 
  • Clean every now and then (we've listed a great, easy at home method below).
  • Rinse with water and pat dry after swimming.

Gold filled don'ts

  • Put on before applying perfume and moisturiser as the chemicals and oils can react with the metal - put your jewels once you’ve finished your beauty routine
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals, saltwater, and high temperatures, as this can damage the piece over time.
  • Wear when handling strong chemicals like bleach.




How to clean gold filled jewellery


  • Small bowl or container
  • Mild dish liquid
  • 1/2 - 1 cup of warm water


  • Squeeze a few generous drops of dish liquid in your bowl
  • Pour in warm water
  • Mix to combine water and dish liquid
  • Leave to soak for 1 to 2 hours
  • Rinse in water
  • Use a cotton cloth to dry
  • Polish with a polishing cloth
Note: Please check the stones in your jewellery are safe to put in water before using any of these methods.


We hope you found this useful, please feel free to comment or contact us if you have any questions or need any help.


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