What Colour Jewellery Suits Me?

What Colour Jewellery Suits Me?

Did you know that different skin tones can be better suited for silver or gold tones?

Knowing what colours compliment your skin tone the most can be a real game changer. Especially when it comes to something you wear every day, your jewellery! Thankfully, it’s super easy to figure out your skin tone.

Everyone has different skin tones, and just as everyone's different, everyone also has different jewellery colour preferences. We believe that you should do and wear what you love regardless of what guides and gurus say. 
We created this blog to help you decide what colour jewellery to buy if you don't have a preference for silver or gold or if you want to learn what would complement your natural beauty the best. It's also helpful if you’re purchasing jewellery as a gift.

Okay, let’s get to it! Basically, you need to work out if you have a warm, cool or neutral skin tone. 

Here are some easy to answer questions to help you work out what your skin tone is.


What Colour Jewellery Suits Me

What is your natural hair colour?

  • Ash-blonde, cool brown or black - you're likely cool
  • Warm brown or blonde, copper or red - you’re likely warm


What Colour Jewellery Suits Me

What colour are your eyes?

  • Blue or green - you're likely cool
  • Brown - you’re likely warm


What Colour Jewellery Suits Me

In the sun after a while do you?

  • Go red and burn then return to the same skin colour - you're likely cool
  • Tan quickly without burning - you’re likely warm
  • Burn a little then turn tan - you’re likely neutral


What Colour Jewellery Suits Me

What colour are your veins?

  • Blue/ purple - you're likely cool
  • Green - you’re likely warm
  • Not sure/ I can't tell - you’re likely neutral


These questions should have helped you determine your skin under tone – yay that was so easy!

Now, what skin tone suits what jewellery colour best?

Cool = Silver
Warm = Gold
Neutral = Both silver and gold


We hope you found this useful, please feel free to comment or contact us if you have any questions or need any help.

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